Sterling Group choose BeCode AIR RFID locks

Sterling, a multi-communications agency and print production company based in Kettering, wanted to combine the security of its pedestals, personal lockers and company storage within its building access RFID card system.  By choosing BeCode Air locks, Sterling increased security, the speed of access and ease of management. Working with locker providers Maine Office, BeCode used a mix of AIR+ and AIR locks with adapters. As Sterling’s employees have assigned desking it was not necessary to remove pedestals.  BeCode Air’s flexibility and ability to operate on metal doors made it possible for users to open their pedestal locks with their building ID cards.

Each BeCode Air lock includes 5 microchip readers as standard, which meant that the BeCode system matched the company’s building RFID operation without any special amendments. With long life batteries offering up to 10,000 openings, BeCode Air locks are cable-free allowing lockers and pedestals to be easily moved; this will give Sterling the flexibility to rearrange working areas whenever they wish. Sterling chose to operate the locks with its building access cards but anything containing an RFID chip can be used. Locks can be responsive to one user card or configured to accept multiple designated cardholders, in the case of company storage areas.

As with any of BeCode’s clients, Sterling was also able to access BeCode’s free on-site training and UK based help desk.

Call us to find out how BeCode AIR locks can link your storage to your building access system tel: 01604 700891 or email 

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